Battle of the Bands Design Challenge

Project Goals

  1. Digital Marketing Design
  2. Create the following event marketing materials:

    • Responsive Landing Page
    • Email Invite
    • Event Flyer
    • Intranet Banner

    These materials should be cohesive and should evoke the brand principles of being warm, real, and bold.
    Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

  3. UX/Product Design
  4. Create and App for the Battle of the Bands event that solves all voting issues.
    Tools Used: Figma, InVision, InDesign


main color swatch

Main Color
Hex: #004278
RGB: [0, 66, 120]
CMYK: [100, 80.78, 27.45, 12.16]

secondary color swatch

Secondary Color
Hex: #FCAF17
RGB: [252, 175, 23]
CMYK: [.78, 34.9, 98.82, 0]

The colors were chosen to stay in line with the parent company throwing the event. They are bold, real, and warm.


Main Brand Font

Flood Std Regular

Battle of the Bands

Large Text Font

Gibson Semibold

Get Ready to ROCK!

Body/Small Text Font

Gibson Regular

4 bands. 1 incredible evening of music and fun!


Band Assets

Responsive Landing Page Design Comp

Event Flyer

Intranet Banner

Battle of the Bands App

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